Today is a big day in the history of Nest Wealth!

By Nest Wealth on 07/07/2020Announcement 3 Minute Read

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Today we’re excited to announce a new deal with National Bank that includes both a minority equity investment and a long term services agreement. 

It’s the largest deal we’ve ever signed as a company and approaches a combined value of $50,000,000.

This new deal continues to build on the foundational work we’ve done together and also provides us with the opportunity to work with both their retail wealth business and NBIN, their custodial business, to create the best possible digital experiences in the entire industry for their clients. 

This announcement is also clear recognition that a partnership between a traditional financial institution and a start-up can not only succeed but thrive. National Bank has been a truly fantastic and collaborative partner during the last three years. Dealing with a smaller company like Nest Wealth requires adaptability, flexibility and no small degree of faith. The people at National Bank, from top to bottom, have excelled at demonstrating those characteristics. I speak for our entire company when I say it’s not only been an exciting journey but a real joy to work with each and every one of them.

So, where will Nest Wealth go from here? 

This deal provides us with substantial capital resources while still allowing our company to be an independent fintech. We remain majority controlled by employees and management and are free to chart our own future. The structure of this deal is a huge vote of confidence by National Bank in the people within Nest Wealth and our mission to empower financial firms so they can provide better advice to more people than ever before. 

If you are already a client of Nest Wealth, what does this deal mean for you? It means that we will grow substantially, continue to be staffed by passionate employees and maintain a primary focus on always doing better tomorrow than we did yesterday. We will work every day to provide you with industry-leading solutions and can now give you a greater sense of security that we will be here for you for the very long term. 

If you are an institution that has been trying to figure out how you might be able to get from where you are today to a full-fledged front, mid and back-office digital wealth experience, then I am proud to say that no matter how big or small your organization is, we’ve successfully solved many of the problems you’re facing today. To the best of our knowledge, we’ve partnered with more financial institutions and rolled out more successful digital wealth solutions than any other B2B wealth platform in North America. We’d be excited to start a new conversation and help you think about implementing the full digital experience your organization, advisors, and clients deserve.

Most of all, on a day like today, I need to say that I’m so proud of our employees. Every single person at Nest Wealth has worked hard every day and many nights to get us to this day. As a CEO, there is a belief that all you are required to do is hire great people and get out of their way. We are so fortunate to have so many great people working at Nest Wealth.  Now, all I really have to do is get out of their way!

To the Road Ahead,

Randy Cass
Founder and CEO of Nest Wealth