The Price of a New Roof: The Benefits of Having an Emergency Fund Available

By Nest Wealth on July 4, 2019Article3 Minute Read

We all want to be financially secure. Why? Because it provides us the freedom and stability that we need in order to feel happy and safe. We’re told you can…

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How To Prepare For Market Volatility

By Nest Wealth on October 12, 2018Article4 Minute Read

When there is a market downturn, anyone’s initial reaction is to panic. After all, we’re only human. And you have likely been putting away a portion of your hard earned…

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Cannabis Will Be Legal Soon. Here’s How Investors Could Be Impacted

By Nest Wealth on September 28, 2018Article3 Minute Read

We’re only a few weeks away—October 17, 2018, is the date set for the legalization of cannabis in Canada. However, you don’t have to wait until then to start investing…

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Rethinking Your Relationship With Money

By Nest Wealth on July 12, 2018Article5 Minute Read

As bizarre as it might sound, you are in a relationship with money. Like any relationship, what you value stems from a variety of different things. This could include past…

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What Canadians Do With Their Tax Returns: The Perceived Value of a Tax Refund (Infographic)

By Nest Wealth on June 7, 2018Article1 Minute Read

While Canadians received an average tax return of $1,683 1, we can assume not much of this was actually saved or invested. Here’s an infographic outlining the breakdown of how…

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