The Rise Of Cyber-Crime: Best Practices For Online Account Safety

By Nest Wealth on 26/05/2018Article 3 Minute Read

With the rise of financial cyber attacks, this year alone has raised a lot of concern for cyber-safety for online banking users. Statistics Canada reported that 86% of Canadians aged 16 and over accessed the internet for their own personal use. We can expect this number to continue to rise as more companies expand their digital offerings, […]

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Bitcoin or Blockchain – Which Will Be a Game Changer?

By Nest Wealth on 02/01/2018Article 4 Minute Read

It seems everyone is talking about bitcoin. While the future of this digital currency is still uncertain, the blockchain technology supporting it seems more promising. So, we think some more attention should be paid to this new technology as it may change the way businesses around the world operate.

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The Top 5 Robo Advisor Myths

By Nest Wealth on 09/02/2017Article 5 Minute Read

No, we’re not a team of robots. And yes, you really can pick up the phone and call us. Robo advising—or digital wealth management as we like to call it—is more popular than ever thanks to low fees and ease of use. However there’s still a lot of misunderstanding surrounding how it works, so we’re […]

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7 Things You Need To Know About Robo-Advisors Today

By Nest Wealth on October 31, 2017Article6 Minute Read

There’s been a lot of buzz about a new type of Canadian wealth manager that are collectively being referred to as “robo-advisors”. Rob Carrick wrote an article that these digital…

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2017 Robo Advisor Guide

By Nest Wealth on October 20, 2017Article5 Minute Read

Every year Rob Carrick at the Globe and Mail puts out his annual report on robo advisors in Canada.  It’s a tremendously helpful tool for people who are looking to research…

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Should You Invest With a Robo Advisor? CEO Randy Cass on the Build Wealth Canada Show

By Nest Wealth on July 21, 2017Article6 Minute Read

Our founder and CEO Randy Cass discusses robo advisors in Canada on top personal finance and investing podcast Build Wealth Canada. The interview goes beyond the surface level commentary we’re used…

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Canada, We Love You. We’ll Always Put You First

By Nest Wealth on June 30, 2017Article4 Minute Read

Acting solely in a client’s best interest should be a given for anyone in this industry, but unfortunately that’s not currently the case and is actively being argued against by some large…

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The Sandwich Years: 6 Money Mistakes to Avoid in Your 40s & 50s

By Nest Wealth on May 19, 2017Article6 Minute Read

Your career has taken off but is more demanding than ever. Your kids are growing up and your parents are starting to rely on you a little more. You’re tackling…

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