4 Easy Ways To Promote Employee Wellness In The Workplace

By Nest Wealth on 25/10/2018Article 4 Minute Read

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Guest Post By: Dr. Allison Cain Winberg, CEO at ANCHOR

There’s nothing small about running a small business. It’s your livelihood on the line – every single day.

As you scale and hire team members, your day to day concerns grow even larger. It’s now about the livelihood of your staff. The people you’ve entrusted with the continued growth of your business, who align with your vision and mission. Not to mention, people who you’ve made a significant time and financial investment in to prepare them to contribute to the growth of your business.

Your employees are human — people who deal with stress; physical, emotional, and financial. Stress, above all else, is implicated in early every single physical and mental/emotional health condition.  Stress, and the subsequent illness and sick days that can ensue, will significantly impact the vitality of your business, and the ability to thrive. In fact, it’s estimated that 60% of employee absenteeism is stress related, which equates to an estimated 16 billion in lost revenue to Canadian employers. For a small business, this loss could have a devastating impact.

Adopting a culture of wellness as a small business is more than just a cool perk – it’s an effective way to combat the everyday stresses, retain staff and ensure your team is in top shape to produce their best work. In fact, not investing in your employee’s wellness is likely costing you more in the long term.

Personal health comes before all else.  Small business owners cannot ignore that managing employee health is a vital and balancing the books. With that being said, here are 4 simple ways you can get started with wellness on a small budget for a big return:

Physical Wellness

You can help promote employee physical wellness by creating opportunities for physical fitness at work. Many companies develop committees that focus on this entirely. These groups can promote physical wellness by creating walking and/or running clubs.

Another great way to promote physical wellness in the workplace is by creating challenges for your team. Many employees enjoy step challenges with the ease and convenience of digital step watches and apps, or annual nutrition and biometric testing challenges as offered at ANCHOR.

Emotional Wellness

Promoting the emotional wellbeing is one of the most critical ways employers can give their employees the confidence and psychological safety required to perform their very best. Many companies offer yoga during work hours as a way of relieving stress. Morning guided meditation is another great way to help promote emotional wellness. This exercise alone is a great way to bring the team together to helping employees set intention for their personal and professional workday while also demonstrating a sense of team.

Many employers also schedule motivational speakers and personal growth and development days to create opportunities to motivate and inspire their people. Stress management strategies and workshops in one other valuable way for employers to promote workplace wellness and employee wellbeing.

Financial Wellness

A Nest Wealth study reports that financial worry is the biggest stress among Canadians. And when employees are stressed personally, it affects how they perform at work too. You can help employees map out their financial growth by offering a group RRSP Plan plan as part of your extended employee benefits. Contrary to public belief, these plans are free to the employer and with a fully digital solution like Nest Wealth at Work, you can rest assured that your employees are receiving low-cost investing that’s also easy for your to administer and manage.

Social Wellness

Other additional ways you can promote employee wellness at work is bu focusing on social events. Simple and easy things to coordinate like internal clubs (walk, book, run etc), healthy potlucks or team outings and socials promote positive work culture because you get to learn about each other as people first and see one another outside of your professional roles.

A healthy employee is a happier, more productive employee who sticks around for longer. Workplace wellness programs can no longer be considered optional – they are necessary for the growth and vitality of your company.

ANCHOR offers fitness classes that involve high intensity, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics + bodyweight movements, dumbbell + barbell movements. Our programming changes every day, building on every aspect of your fitness, from running to squatting, to pull-ups, and everything else in between.